Edip Yuksel (E) Rally against Fascism, Princeton

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On 13 August 2017 I participated in a vigil and rally in Princeton to demonstrate our standing with the victims of fascists in Charlottesville... I held a poster with the word PEACE written in five languages I know. I was invited to make a speech there. It was an impromptu speech. So, we do not have its full video recording, except a short clip from distance taken by my friend Austin without my knowledge.
There a Trump supporter showed up too... Lee Eric Newton. He informed me that he was going to run for State Senate position as a Republican candidate. I interviewed him and was surprised by his answers. I was glad to see the progressive protesters showing civility towards his peaceful protest of our protest... Before the vigil and rally, together with Austin and Job, I visited the Unitarian Universalits Church and joined them in their Sunday prayer. It is perhaps the only house of worship I feel comfortable where focus is God alone, and idolized figures such as Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha are not praised... The church's focus on God alone, inclusion and tolerance, social justice and peace is very important and it is very in tandem with the teaching of the Quran...
Edip Yüksel

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